Ethical Policy is, of course, a site where we can share some information about ourselves and the products we sell, but it is also a place where you can share your thoughts and ideas, pictures and links, questions and answers.

For this to work and for to be a wonderful site, it's important that everyone feels welcome and is treated nicely. Here are some basic rules that we think we all ought to follow:

The comments

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- No personal attacks

You cannot insult, make fun of, or attack any other users. Smears and slander, racism and racial agitation are of course strictly prohibited. You should not transmit or post to this Site any material, information or other communications that violates any applicable laws or regulations.

- No bad attitudes

Be nice and polite. Don't try to provoke and say nasty things. Don't threaten or be aggressive.

All entries in the forum should be respectful and friendly. Remember that you have a voice that people listen to! And don't forget that everyone has the right to his or her own opinion, even if you don't share it. That's the whole idea of a forum.

Only real people, please

You may not use for commercial purposes, i.e. to advertise/sell products and services. Respect copyright laws (i.e. don't post material that you don't own). does not take any responsibility for users who break copyright laws by publishing material they don't have the right to publish. Please read more under Legal Statement.

Libresse's website should be a pleasant place where everyone can get help with their periods and closely related subjects. So, we’ll tidy it up, from time to time, by removing entries that break the rules, are against the law or hurt other users of the site. Also, please let us know if you find anything that you think we should remove!


Be careful with the photos you upload. All users can add a photo to their profile. The photo will be displayed on My profile and in the comments (when you haven't chosen to be anonymous). Remember that anyone who's logged in can see your photo, so please take care when uploading. And please note that you may break the law if you upload a photo of, for example, a celebrity, without permission from the person concerned and/or the photographer.

Breaking of rules

We believe that the rules on Libresse's site actually make the site better for you, so we expect all users to follow them. We will ban from the site anyone who breaks these rules, or acts without respect for other users. Read more about our general conditions under Legal statement.

The downside of the Internet

Remember that on the Internet, many people pretend they’re someone who they aren’t. Be careful with who you talk to and don't ever post your personal information directly on the site. If you see anyone who acts weirdly, asks you for strange stuff or anything like that – let us know!

Be nice.
Take care and have fun!