Did you know that the uterus (also known as the womb) is the strongest muscle in the body by weight?

The womb is filled with many wonders! It is, after all, the place where life begins. However, research shows that many women have yet to fully understand or embrace the wonders of their womb. In a recent survey by Libresse, 69% of the Malaysian women who participated struggled to correctly identify parts of the female reproductive system; and according to Essity’s Global V-Zone Taboo Tracker, nearly a third of women choose to stay silent about their intimate area. It’s high time we changed that.

The womb is beautiful, powerful and profound. It deserves to be appreciated and loved by all.

As part of the Libresse #KnowYourV movement, we created “Wonders of the Womb” - a campaign that champions love, understanding and appreciation for the womb.
It puts the womb front and center, and celebrates the wonders of products designed with a woman’s unique V-zone in mind.
And along with it, a one-of-a-kind virtual discovery that invites women to journey deeper into the womb. Step inside to discover its strength, flexibility, and the role it plays in a woman’s menstrual cycle.