Green Tea Maxi Non Wings 24cm

Green Tea Maxi Non Wings 24cm

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NEW & IMPROVED Libresse® Maxi Non Wing 24cm pad with Green Tea Scent is made with our patented technology SecureFit™  - wider front, narrower middle and split rear back to comfortably hug your unique curves; Deep Flow Channels (DFC) that delivers all round protection and better absorption.

Absoption is nothing without fit!


  • SecureFit ™
  • Deep Flow Channels (DFC)
  • Green Tea Scent
  • Made with 100% Virgin Pulp


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Its breathable soft cottony surface keeps you feeling fresh and clean all day.

Plus, it’s made with 100% virgin pulp!

Every liner piece comes in different easy wrap pattern designs, so you can choose which one that suits your mood and lifestyle for the day. Get ready to spice up your daily intimate care with NEW Libresse® liners!

Hear What Our Customers Say

Maxi Night 32cm Wings

“Extra long and more secure during mensus. Good quality and no more leaking.“

Maxi Night 32cm Wings

“Has been using this for a long time. Put my mind at ease during night timedue to the provided length.“

Maxi Night 32cm Wings

“Saya pengguna setia Libresse. Suka padnya yang sangat menyerap dan pelekatnya yang kuat. Tebal, selesa dan tak mudah bergerak dari posisi asal. Tak risau kebocoran.“
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Product Type (Libresse) PADS
Slider Description Made with our patented technology SecureFit™ and DFC
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