Intimawear by Libresse (M)

Intimawear by Libresse (M)

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With the revolutionary Tritech performance, the all new intimawear™ by Libresse® keeps wetness at bay all day with up to 8 hours protection! This reusable period underwear keep you dry, protected, free of odour and comfortable, so you can feel free and confident even during your period days!


  • Absorbent and Reusable Period Underwear
  • Designed with Tritech performance that can quickly absorbs liquid, keeping wetness at bay
  • Up to 8 hours protection
  • Keep you dry, protected, free of odour and comfortable during your period


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Its breathable soft cottony surface keeps you feeling fresh and clean all day.

Plus, it’s made with 100% virgin pulp!

Every liner piece comes in different easy wrap pattern designs, so you can choose which one that suits your mood and lifestyle for the day. Get ready to spice up your daily intimate care with NEW Libresse® liners!

Hear What Our Customers Say

Intimawear by Libresse (M)

“Very comfortable menstrual underwear, cooling fabric, doesn’t feel wet and humid. It dries fast. The absorbing pad is velvet like texture. No leaking after wearing for 5 hours on heavy flow. Very nice first experience with a menstrual underwear.“

Intimawear by Libresse (M)

“I tested it on my heaviest flow & wear it for 9 hours. No leak at all!“

Intimawear by Libresse (M)

“Tried it on my fourth day of period because need to be at outdoor for long time the first three days. The pantie itself is comfortable and pretty. Smell is slightly lighter than sanitary pad.“
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Product Type (Libresse) REUSABLES
Slider Description Keeps wetness at bay all day with up to 8 hours protection!
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