SensitiV Longer & Wider Liners

SensitiV Longer & Wider Liners

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Libresse® SensitiV™ is the 1st ever Hypoallergenic feminine care range products in Malaysia! Thoughtfully designed with 0% Common Allergens*, Fragrances and Dyes, Libresse® SensitiV™ provides gentle care for even the most sensitive V-zones. It is made with Finest Filament Fibers and 100% virgin pulp that give pads and liners the ultimate softness and smoothness. With great absorption and excellent set of qualities, what's there not to love?


  • 0% common allergens, fragrances and dyes
  • Dermatologically Tested
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Finest Filament Fibres
  • Stay in place
  • Zero Crumpling
  • Made with 100% Virgin Pulp (DFC)


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Its breathable soft cottony surface keeps you feeling fresh and clean all day.

Choose different designs to suit your mood!

Every liner piece comes in different easy wrap pattern designs, so you can choose which one that suits your mood and lifestyle for the day. Get ready to spice up your daily intimate care with NEW Libresse® liners!

Hear What Our Customers Say

SensitiV Longer & Wider Liners

“Suka pakai brand Libresse sbb tak gatal dan tak mudah koyak bila dibasuh.“

SensitiV Longer & Wider Liners

“love the panty liner sebab dia besar sikit than normal ones. So takde lah dia bergerak2.“

SensitiV Longer & Wider Liners

“panty liner yg ni best dan selesa dipakai. yg ni jenis 19 cm jadi agak panjang sikit. tapi nice sbb yg nie jenis nipis“
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Product Type (Libresse) LINERS
Slider Description 1st ever Hypoallergenic feminine care range products in Malaysia!
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